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We strongly believe that diversity is about much more than simply being aware of individual differences, it is about embracing and incorporating them into everyday life.

Our team of experts will help your business to take a strategic approach to all areas of equality and diversity which will embed a culture of inclusion and give a competitive edge.

We have worked with businesses across the United Kingdom from energy suppliers, universities, healthcare providers, hotel chains and many more. Since 2010 our team have provided training to over 27,000 people using online training, classroom-based courses and consultancy advice.


Explore how our team helps businesses to gain key skills, confidence and knowledge whilst embracing equality and diversity

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Find out how our team support businesses from across the United Kingdom from sectors such as rail, hospitality and energy

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Read what some of our clients have to say about the work we have done and how it has benefited their business.

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Read a selection of free articles on key topics such as disability, equality and diversity and mental health

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About Us

Read about Richard Shakespeare Disability Consultant and his motivation to help businesses to embrace equality and diversity

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  • “Often, the first contact with Lawn3 by potential clients is the website. I therefore asked Richard Shakespeare to review my new website prior to its launch as I was conscious that I wanted to maximize access to all users, and avoid any future potential complaint about discrimination (or fine arising therefrom!).

    Richard quickly provided feedback on the layout, formatting and content of the website, providing practical advice and methods to facilitate greater accessibility. All his advice was acted upon. I am now confident that I have done as much as I can to make my website usable by all parties who have an interest in my services.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to anyone requiring a professional audit of an existing website, and even more importantly, providing invaluable guidance and assistance when a new website is in the planning and development stage”.

    Stephen Monk - Lawn 3 Derby


    “Richard’s presentation on disability issues in the workplace was relevant, thought provoking and useful – worth every minute. If you have any concerns regarding your compliance with disability legislation I’d recommend that you speak to Richard Shakespeare.”

    Shaun Brennan – Independent Financial Adviser, Investment Sense  Nottingham

  • “Richard delivered a brilliant 10 minute seminar on Diversity and it’s meaning at a BNI training session I attended recently. He was very animated and made the session very lively, he brought what could have been a very boaring and factual topic to life with his personality and experiences.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Richard to any of my clients as an expert in his field of consultancy.”

    Julian Confaloni, Managing Director, Comarm Services Ltd

  • “Having great concerns as to whether or not my website was accessible to all users I asked Richard to take a look, my site is not accessible. Having set Richard the initial task he soon came back to me with the necessary information required and a plan to ensure my site complied with the law. I have no hesitation in recommending Ricard’s services.”

    Darren Preston - DP Locksmiths

  • “I had the pleasure of hearing Richard speak at one of our leadership team training events recently and I must say he is one of the most fluent speakers I have met. His knowledge in his field is drawn from years of experience and an understanding that can only come from someone who has to deal with every day Disability challenges.

    Ian Wright, Assistant Director, BNI


    “At the mid-term leadership team training that I attended last week, Richard was one of the guest speakers. He gave a well delivered presentation on discrimination in the workplace which was very informative and thoroughly enjoyable.”

    Lisa Clarkson – Clarkson Accountancy

  • “I asked Richard to present to 30 – 40 of my team recently to advise them on how best to work with disabled businesses that might visit BNI groups locally. He was very personable, professional and informative. He obviously knows his subject inside out and his passion comes over in the way that this was presented to the teams.

    As a result one of my colleagues asked him to do the same with his team in Cheshire.

    If anyone is thinking of using Richard in any role get that order placed – he won’t let you down.”

    Jason Smith – Executive Director

  • “I want to thank you for the excellent disability awareness course which I attended recently. I found it absolutely fascinating and a real eye-opener! I had no idea that there were different types of sight loss and wearing the goggles was a most strange experience! Nor had I before tried to guide a person with sight loss along a corridor and through a door – and also played the part of such a person and been guided by another. I really had no idea what it is actually like to experience any sort of visual impairment.

    As for physical problems – how to get into a wheelchair if you have fallen – and how not to help! The whole day was an invaluable insight into the lives of people who have various difficulties and something I shall not forget in a hurry!

    Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of experience with us with such humour – laughter and learning at the same time!”

    Jan Harrison - Trust Wills


    “I have had the pleasure of knowing Richard Shakespeare for the past 14 years. We first met when we were both volunteers with the British Red Cross. He participated in all manner of activities such as camping, fund raising and group activities. Richard showed a particularly good level of understanding towards our guests with special needs when he himself volunteered to become a ‘carer’.

    Richard is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable individual. He is always quick to help anyone in need. I feel confident in saying that he is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and care.”

    Mr N Ross-Hamilton

  • “I have known Richard Shakespeare since 2000 when we travelled the length of Chile together. Richard is an incredibly positive person with a great sense of humour who just gets things done and never allows his disability to get in his way. He was an inspiration.

    He is not only intelligent but also very practical. He is good at finding solutions and is very well organised. I highly recommend him to you .”

    Dorothy Dalton – Senior Leader, Journey of a Lifetime Trust

  • Richard Shakespeare provided an interactive and fun session that allowed staff to challenge their own perceptions as well as giving them the confidence to appropriately communicate with disabled student/staff. An informative and practical session which led to a better understanding of what practically constitutes a Reasonable Adjustment.

    Jasmin Bola Equality & Diversity -Human Resources University of Derby

  • “What Richard did was to bring disabled issues to life, which was extremely valuable.

    He’s a personable guy and very knowledgeable – he really struck a chord with my team.

    As a result of his work, we have made tweaks to how we treat disabled guests. I meet regularly with other hoteliers in Derby and I will certainly recommend that they get in touch with Richard.”

    Mike Colman – General Manager Nottingham Novotel

  • I would like to write this recommendation for Richard in regards to a recent visit from him.

    Richard recently helped our business identify some possible needs in terms of disabled adaptions that were due for review. Richard was very discreet in terms of evaluating our needs, and told us step by step a process to be put in place to make this better. Richard is a great character and will always put a smile on your face; a trustworthy individual who tells it how it is which is great. I would highly recommend Richard in the future to colleagues and friends.

    Mark Averill – Sales Executive The Derby Conference Centre


    Very rarely in business do we meet a professional with the such attributes as Richard he approaches all the issues one may have with integrity, consideration and care to the ultimate positive conclusion and resolution.

    Highly recommended.

    Steve Clarke - Company Director and President (Spain)

  • “I have had the great pleasure of working with Richard for the last 8 months. His knowledge and expertise on disability and equality challenges across a range of industry sectors is second to none.

    What impresses me most about Richard is his honest and proactive approach to serious concerns faced by organisations delivered in an engaging manner, providing quality training and useful tools that can be implemented in to any business effectively. From personal and professional experience, the training Richard has provided our firm has not only been essential in helping us to engage with more clients but has also provided us with a competitive difference. I therefore confirm that I have no hesitation in recommending Richard Shakespeare Disability Consultancy.

    Oliver Buckle Business Development Manager at Else Solicitors LLP


    “Right at Home Derby used Richard Shakespeare to provide Mental Health training to our team of carers.

    Our carers help support customers with wide ranging mental health conditions.

    Richards training provided them with the knowledge required to understand our customers challenges and the ability to help support them.

    From our newest inexperienced carers through to our most experienced and highest qualified carers, they all found Richards training invaluable.”

    John Houghton Owner / Managing Director


    “Richard has a specialism for his in depth understanding of disability awareness.

    What’s fascinating is that he is a thought leader with robust views about huge improvements that need to be made to assist anyone seeking help with employment, whatever their status.

    Richard is forward thinking and generous. Crucially, he is able to explain complicated legislation in a simple and direct way because he is a natural leader.

    His integrity is outstanding and he is realistic and commercially aware too. He helps businesses tackle complicated issues and is able to view the situation from the point of view of all parties involved. He has a wise head on young shoulders and is a born problem-solver.

    I am blessed to know Richard as both a friend and a fellow business owner who is determined to make a positive impact through his work.”

    Tina Fotherby - Founder at Famous Publicity


    “I have worked with Richard on a variety of projects and doing business with him is a pleasure. Richard goes the extra mile to ensure that everything runs smoothly and I can highly recommend working with him.

    Most importantly he’s a genuine guy with a real ambition to succeed. Recently I attended a presentation on disability issues in the workplace carried out by Richard and this was a real eye opener.”

    James Anderson - Director

  • “Richard’s knowledge and experience have been really useful to me whilst I have been setting up my Podiatry practice. He has advised me on current legislation and has helped me with any queries that I’ve had. This information has been essential in the setting up of my business.”

    Wendy Wells – BSc (Hons) Podiatry, HPC Registered

  • I am very happy to recommend Richard Shakespeare as a provider of Learning Solutions regarding Disability Awareness Training.

    Richard collaborated with us to design and implement a learning solution for our PRM staff. His passion and commitment shone throughout the process and the results we got from the training were excellent. This training was a success and substantially reduced our customer complaints.

    Jean-Félix Callens, Learning & Development Designer and Lead Facilitator, Eurostar International

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