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About Us


Richard Shakespeare Disability ConsultantOur business was started by leading Disability Consultant and Entrepreneur Richard Shakespeare in October 2010.  Prior to launching the business,  Richard worked in the financial sector before being made redundant in September 2009.

Following his redundancy,  Richard would spend almost a year looking for work and would apply for 1,923 jobs, attend hundreds of interviews and would spend almost £1,000 on postage costs in an attempt to secure employment.  During his job search,  Richard realised that many businesses felt uneasy around job applicants with a disability and simply did not know how to ask questions without the fear of causing offence.  Much of this fear appeared to stem from a lack of training and awareness.

Having been born with Cerebral Palsy Richard knew that he could use his experiences and his expertise to inspire and educate people about the benefits of employing people with a disability and to being truly inclusive and so he decided to form his training and development business.

Since starting the business in 2010 Richard has developed a trusted network of Trainers, Human Resource Consultants, Solicitors, Consultants and Advisors across the country which means that we are able to help any business of any size regardless of location.

We have now trained in excess of 27,000 people on key topics such as Equality and Diversity, Mental Health and Disability Awareness.

Shortly after launching the business Richard would attract media attention from local, national and even international news outlets wishing to tell his story of struggle to secure employment.  Richard attended interviews for the BBC News, Channel 4, Radio 5 Live and the Daily Mail.


You can observe some of the media coverage telling the story of our business below:

Read Richard's Story as covered by the Daily Mail

Listen to an interview given to the BBC News