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Disability Confident Case Study

The Campaign:

During July 2012 the Department for Work & Pensions launched the Disability Confident campaign along with leading businesses across the United Kingdom.

The aim of this national campaign was to help businesses understand the benefits of emplyoing people with a disability and to look at how embeding a culture of inclusion could bring considerable advantages to a business.

In July 2012 Prime Minister David Cameron joined hundreds of businesses and interested parties in London to offically launch this national campaign.

How we supported Disability Confident:

Richard Shakespeare and his team were actively involved in the campaign and joined leading businesses such as KPMG and Sainsbury's at a series of conferences in key locations such as Manchester, Swindon,Leeds, Glasow, London and Birmingham and Cardiff.  

During March 2014 Richard was a keynote speaker at the conference in Leeds and shared a stage with people such as Simon Weston OBE and the Minister for Disabled People.