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European Bus Forum Case Study

Richard Shakespeare and his team of experts have been actively involved in the European Bus Forum since the first conference held in London during July 2013.

The European Bus Forum is an annual conference which brings together manufacturers, Bus Operators, Local Authorities, Suppliers and industry experts.  Regular attendees include organisations such as Passenger Focus, Transport for London, Volvo and many others.

Richard and his team have supported the event by joining expert panels on subjects such as providing access to public transport, inclusive design and bus specification and running interactive workshops.

Richard passionately believes in supporting the bus industry to truly embrace inclusion and believes that a good service for passengers with a disability should begin at the design stage and carry right through to the point of service delivery.

Using the expertise that Richard and his team have within the transport sector we have been able to add real value to each of the conferences so far and look forward to a continued relationship with the organisers and attendees alike.

If you would like to find out more about how Richard and the team could help your business to consider inclusive design.