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Eurostar International Case Study

Eurostar Train Arrives In London

The Client

Eurostar is the only high-speed train that directly links the UK to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel and has been doing so for 20 years.

Since 1994 Eurostar has more than doubled the number of passengers now travelling between London and Paris or Brussels.

The Challenge

Eurostar first started working with Richard Shakespeare and his team in 2012 when they asked Richard to design and deliver a disability awareness course for their Passenger Assistance Team ahead of the London 2012 Games.  With the eyes of the world on London and indeed Eurostar, it was of paramount importance to everyone involved that they were able to transport the increased passenger numbers in the smooth and seamless manner which Eurostar has become famous for.

Richard and his team worked alongside the Learning and Development team at Eurostar as well as some frontline staff to ensure that we created a training course which was informative and thought provoking.   Once the content had been decided upon and the format of these training sessions, Richard and the team travelled down to London on numerous occasions to ensure that the training was delivered in plenty of time before the Games began in July 2012.

Since completion of the project in 2012 Richard has continued to support Eurostar in several initiatives, such as the recent redevelopment of the customer area at St Pancras International Station, and has also provided staff briefings to ensure that the team still feel confident to provide quality support to passengers with a disability.

A few words from Richard

Working with the team at Eurostar is a real privilege, especially so in the run-up to the London Olympics. We have been working with the team at Eurostar for several years and have provided a range of training solutions and consultancy advice.

During last year when we provided consultancy advice in respect of the redevelopment work taking place within St Pancras,  we had an opportunity to see some of the staff in action and even talk to some of the team who participated in the original training. What struck me was how keen they were to tell me how they have managed to incorporate what they learnt into their day to day roles and just how passionate they are about customer service.

A few words from the client:

Richard has been an asset whilst advising us on the building of the new ticket office, not only did help inform the design, he made some great suggestions that we adopted and displayed a pragmatic approach on how friendly cutting edge design can incorporate accessibility friendly solutions without significant costs. He is a pleasure to work with as his openness and values mean there is never a dull moment. Importantly all our staff feel relaxed enough to ask any type of question, not matter how sensitive the subject matter. I would highly recommend Richard to other organisations.

 Andrew Robinson – TDM projects Eurostar International