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Scottish & Southern Electric Case Study

The Client:

SSE are a UK market leader in the supply of electricity and gas and in other energy-related services. They have an excellent reputation for putting customers first and being a responsibly company. As the second largest energy supplier in the United Kingdom they power more than five million UK homes and businesses.

The Challenge:

SSE currently have over 800,000 customer accounts registered for the Careline services and the Priority Services Register.

SSE wanted to further their reputation for top quality customer service SSE asked our team to provide equality and diversity training for all employees with direct customer contact. There was a particular focus on disability, mental health and age.


  • Help SSE employees to better understand the needs of their customers
  • Improve sales scripts to make them less rigid and more straightforward
  • Improve internal communications so staff know which services to recommend to meet each individual customer’s needs
  • Provide an equality and diversity training system that could train future SSE employees

The Strategy

We conducted a training needs analysis, including side-by-side observations in a number of customer care departments including:

  • Customer Services (Contact Centre).
  • Customer Relations
  • Metering Staff
  • Compliance
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Priority Care
  • Financial Assistance

We ran a series of document and marketing materials reviews, staff forums, and focus groups in order to establish the most effective SSE employees.
We advised on amendments to internal and external marketing to generate staff and customer awareness in specialist SSE services.

We provided the content for an equality and diversity e-learning training platform that could be used moving forward to train current and new SSE employees.


  • Richard Shakespeare Disability Consultants created an eLearning package that is  now training more than 4,000 SSE employees
  • We created bespoke training materials that can be used to train future SSE employees
  • We helped SSE improve their service offering to all customers
  • We increased employee confidence in providing a great service, which in-turn increases satisfaction
  • We mitigated the risks of SSE employees making mistakes and being exposed to legal challenges
  • We empowered call handlers to resolve issues and concerns of their customers
  • This investment demonstrated SSE’s corporate commitment to building awareness to benefit all of their customers
  • It also showcased SSE’s strong commitment to introducing new initiatives to help advisers and customers alike
  • It also reduced the potential for complaints and bad publicity