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After Dinner Speaker

As a seasoned traveller, Richard has seen much of the world and has faced challenges such as trekking through the Atacama Desert whilst on a month long expedition to Chile. The Atacama is rumoured to be one of the driest places on earth and stretches for over 600 miles and so it was a tough physical challenge but as Richard himself says “It was simply incredible”

Richard has visited Japan where he took a journey on the world famous Bullet Train and even had lunch with the Empress of Japan before heading back to London.

As Richard has been well and truly bitten by the travel bug he has also travelled across Australia and even went on a ski holiday.

Audiences have commented that “He is a real inspiration, a guy that has a real zest for life”

“Richard provided a fantastic motivational speech which really made me think about disability in a new light”

“He had me in tears of laughter as he explained some of the more unusual situations he has found himself in; I really enjoyed his talk and found him to be an excellent motivational speaker”

Recently Richard gave a talk to Burton Business Club which was described as both entertaining and inspirational.

Richard is available for after dinner speaking and motivational speeches. If you would like to book Richard then please get in touch.