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Inclusive Events

An event solely for disabled people or a large accessible event, Richard Shakespeare can help you to be as inclusive as possible. Event planning, outreach to catering, transport, an accessible venue, all aspects will be considered by Richard Shakespeare to ensure you deliver an inclusive event.

Research suggests that for an average business the disabled consumer could represent as much as 20% of the client base and is a market now worth in excess of £80 billion a year to the United Kingdom economy.

The possibility of loosing out on business to a more accessible competitor remains high, the buying experiences of disabled consumers can impact the decisions made by family or friends.

If you are planning a product launch, networking event, exhibition or other event then it is important to consider the needs of disabled visitors. Our team are able to help you put on a truly inclusive event and will guide you through the process using our expertise and knowledge.

Richard Shakespeare is a disabled business owner himself and so he is able to fully appreciate the pressures of organising events. Richard and his staff will take the stress and hassle out organising all areas of accessibility and are all committed to ensuring you receive the highest standard of service.

So if you are organising an event then please contact us to discuss your requirements.