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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health –The Myths, the reality and the need for understanding.

Is there still a stigma surrounding mental health? Do you know how to spot the signs and triggers of mental health? How do you know how to support an individual with mental health needs?

The World Health Organisation predicts that within 20 years more people will be affected by depression than any other health problem.

This interactive and informative training course is designed to help you gain a basic understanding of mental health issues and how to provide quality support.

What do we cover?
  • What are the causes of mental health conditions?
  • What are the triggers behind a mental health condition?
  • How to support a staff member with a mental health condition?
  • What myths surround the topic of mental health?

Like all of our courses this is an interactive session which allows group discussions and exercises which are designed to ensure that our learning objectives are met.

Recent Feedback on our mental health course

Why not take a look at some of the recent feedback for this course.

“Interesting subject, lively presenter and good

“Open and honest nature, encouraged participation
and was thought provoking”

“Very informative and a real eye opener”

“Good reminder about mental health and the impact on the individual”

If your business would like to gain a greater understanding behind mental health and how it can impact upon performance please contact us to discuss your requirements.