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Mystery Visitor

How does your business measure up? Are your staff offering the best possible service? Could making some small changes get you more business?

Mystery visits enable an organisation to assess the quality of service offered through the eyes of the consumer. Such visits have become a popular method of gathering consumer research which helps businesses to evaluate customer service and learn ways in which this could be enhanced.

Through our Mystery Visits service, you will learn how to retain current customers, attract new customers, enhance your employees’ understanding of disabilities and how to interact with disabled consumers. Mystery visits will enable you to identify any training needs as well as allowing you to recognise valuable employees.

We are able to offer a truly unique insight into any business whether it is a hotel,train operrator, museum, theme park, retail outlet or an industrial space. We will visit your premises and use your services whilst also interacting with your staff to asses all aspects of your business to see if there are any improvements we can work on together.

Once we have visited we don’t just leave you to it, we produce a detailed report of our findings and will make recommendations to help ensure your business is able to fully embrace diversity and to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Our team will not share our findings with anyone other than you and your business and all matters are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

We will meet with you before we carry out the mystery visit to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.

Once our team have completed a visit we can also provide some awareness training for your staff if required. We have a range of training courses which might be of interest to your business.

If you would like to arrange a mystery visit or speak to one of our specialist advisors about how we might be able to help then please contact us.