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Training Needs Analysis


Our team of experts believe that equality and diversity training should be about much more than simply meeting legal requirements or compliance issues. In order for training to be effective, engaging and rewarding we like to ensure that is fit for purpose and relevant to you, your staff and your business.

We recommend that prior to commencing staff training that we take the time to understand your business and the people who work within it.

Conducting a training needs analysis allows our team to identify the real issues within your business and provides an opportunity to increase staff engagement around the issue of equality and diversity.

Our process explained

We will attend your main place of business, engage with your staff, complete side by side observations and facilitate focus groups while incorporating as many different departments and business areas as possible. Our focus groups allow individuals from different business areas to come together and share their ideas and experiences whilst creating a culture of inclusion.

Following our interviews, usually conducted over 2-3 days (longer if the size of the business or number of locations requires), we provide a detailed written report of our findings and recommendations for specific training related to equality and diversity.

The level of investment required for this service is entirely dependent on the size of the task at hand. To obtain a quote to complete a training needs analysis bespoke for your business please contacts us here.